Introducing Science Rules! with Bill Nye


Everyday Einstein will be back next week. But today, I'm excited to bring you something extra. It's a preview of a brand-new podcast called Science Rules! with Bill Nye. Or you might know him better as Bill Nye the Science Guy. 

On Science Rules, Bill Nye takes calls from listeners and answers all their weird, funny, sometimes embarrassing science questions. Like how often do we need to wash our pillowcases? Should we stop eating cheeseburgers to combat climate change? And how does air conditioning work? 

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The show is co-hosted by Corey S. Powell, a science writer and one of Bill’s closest friends. You’ll also hear from field experts and celebrity guests like Margaret Cho.

Bill is on a mission to explain how science rules everything in the universe.

Check out the first episode now. Just search Science Rules! with Bill Nye in your podcast app and make sure to subscribe. But first, click the audio player above to listen to a preview.