Behavioral Finance: Tips for Success With Money, Work, and Life


Behavioral finance is the study of how psychology affects the way you handle money. It allows for the fact that we don’t always act rationally. Our emotions and biases strongly influence what we do and don’t do with our personal finances.

I interviewed Sheri Fitts, author of Deconstructing Digital: Simple Ways To Connect With Your Next-Generation Financial Clients, to discuss success tips for money, work, and life. Sheri draws on more than 30 years of expertise in financial services, marketing, and psychology. She’s also the owner of ShoeFitts Marketing, a speaker, and the host of the Women Rocking Wall Street podcast.

Sheri reminds us that success comes from having the right habits, attitude, and mindset. We chat about some driving forces behind decisions that are critical for building wealth and living the life you dream of, including:

  • The role inertia plays in our financial success
  • How aversion to loss can trip up investors
  • Making the leap from employee to self-employed
  • Tips for becoming a sought-after influencer or speaker in your field
  • Why everyone (even employees) should create a personal brand 
  • The benefits of using a coach to achieve goals

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