How to Repurpose Presentations


Have you ever converted a presentation into a video for your website/blog? Do you convert webinars to podcasts to promote your business? Do you use rolling presentations in your reception area, cafeteria, or at a trade show? Well, you should! Today I’ll cover ways to get more mileage out of your marking budget by repurposing your presentations. 

When is the last time that great presentation you created saw the light of day?  For most of us, presentations sit lost on our hard drives waiting for a new audience to wow.  But quality content it what builds your brand. It showcases your expertise and, perhaps most importantly, it can generate targeted leads for your business.  By repurposing proven presentations you'll get more bang for your buck…especially in these times of tight budgets.  

It’s cheaper, faster, and easier to extend the life of your presentations by repurposing them for high-impact online and offline collateral.  I like to think of presentations as just the first step in the content marketing optimization process.  

Here are 6 Quick and Dirty steps for content repurposing:

Step #1 – Create Goals for Your Presentation

Before you work on a presentation, ask yourself: What do you want your audience to say, know, or do differently as a result of hearing you speak? The answer to that question will help keep you focused on your main message. 

A few years ago, I had a client, Dr. Abidi.  She had just joined a hospital-based women's internal medicine practice and she was invited to speak at a conference.  When I asked for her goals she told me “I’d like women to understand typical health screenings. They are so important and we often just don’t have the time during office visits to adequately explain the importance of routine health screenings.” 

So here’s how we defined the goals for Dr. Abidi’s presentation:

  1. to educate women about typical health screenings and issues

  2. to attract new patients to her practice

  3. to create good will in the community

  4. to refine her public speaking skills