Waking Up Well


It's hard to work less and do more if you're asleep while doing it. But modern life doesn't respect the fact that 90% of us aren't morning people. Our bodies just don't want to get up that early. Here's a routine to help you wake up well: 

  • Start learning to wake up at the right point in your sleep rhythms. If your alarm clock awakens you and you're still groggy, stay that way!
  • Go through your morning routine staying as unconscious as you can as you brush your teeth and shower.
  • Within an hour, you'll get to a point in your cycle where your body naturally wakes up. Then start jumping into your day. This is one case where acting like a zombie will give you more energy once you reach your waking point.

For more about how to wake up in the morning, check out my episode Waking Up Early.

Happy Businesswoman image courtesy of Shutterstock