Does Roasting Soybeans Destroy the Protein?


Q. Does roasting soy beans destroy their protein structure and subsequently their nutritional value?  

A.   Here's the short answer: Roasting soybeans may alter the structure of the proteins but that doesn't destroy their nutritional value.  

For those interested in the biochemistry, here's a slightly longer explanation: Proteins are long strings of amino acids that are twisted into intricate three-dimensional shapes. When you heat proteins, the amino acids may twist into a different configuration. A reconfigured (or denatured) protein would no longer be able to carry out its designated function in a living soy plant-but it's still just as useful to you as a source of dietary protein.  Regardless of whether they are in their original shapes or denatured by heat or other factors, all the protein molecules you eat are broken down into individual amino acids, which can then be recombined in your cells to form the proteins you need.  

Image courtesy of Shutterstock