Why Saint Nicholas is also coming to the family Gül | Merve Gül


19 years ago a curious story took place in the home of the family Gül. Fresh in Kindergarten, I learned what was the Nikolaus-day. One day, my parents didn’t know.

The night before, after 20 o’clock, on I just the front door, on the way to the bed, and put one of my rubber boots.

My mother asked me in amazement what I was doing.

“Mama, tonight, the St. Nicholas and all the kids in the boot! We have learned this in Kindergarten this week.”

Now my mother got a little panic. 20 o’clock and the shops were already closed, in the morning, probably a little disappointed Merve. I’m sure that my mother had, and what the next day come, as mothers do.

But that was not necessary at all!

Because the next Morning after Waking up I ran to my boot was full and I was just happy.

And who was it?

The old German Opi, had directly noticed across from us lived, and the spectacle of the evening.

My mother has been for this gesture so grateful that since then, every Nicholas all the small children that live with us in the house, also what is in front of the door.


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