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I’m shocked. For the past two months, Mina* and Yara* works in the nursery of my daughter. But now I know why you’re with us.

Her head cloth to wear, for you are Muslim women. Are you training to be a nanny. Friday is your day of the traineeship period, you spend in our nursery.

The children found the you immediately great. I’ve heard that the girls also wanted to wear head scarves when they saw you for the first Time. You have placed towels around the head, and the children could admire in the mirror.

Although you are only once per week, was able to remember my three year old daughter your name. I know that she likes you to really like.

I know how cruel people can be

She has no prejudices. She still doesn’t understand what is the meaning of xenophobia. You can’t imagine that there are people who like you because of the headscarf, or even insult.

But I can imagine it. I know how cruel people can be. However, I was shocked when I heard what you have behind you.

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Before you frantically called us in the institution, did you have a Kindergarten advertised, and has several locations in Munich. “I called Mrs. Gruber*, the line, and asked whether internships are free”, you tell me, Mina.

“Ms. Gruber said that a lot of places were free, and that we should send even to this day, our resume”, you tell. You’ve listened to as if her body had been in the bag and only formalities are to be clarified.

Constantly you have been put off

At the end of the conversation, you have said that you would report immediately to you.

But she didn’t answer.

After you had called several times, went to Mrs Gruber finally answer the phone. You said that you had to see the documents only once, and then you would report, told me.

After you have tried every day to get an answer. Without Success. You have been constantly put off.

“You have towels, there is a Problem with the head?”

After many days they told you then that there is no place that the institution had awarded the last of the internships on Friday to other applicants.

You couldn’t believe it.

“Up to this time, only Mina’s contact with the line,” tell you, Yara, for me. “Mrs Gruber was not familiar with the voice of me. That’s why I took up the phone and called her.”

Yara responded with a German name, and in perfect English. They told her that she was on the search for an internship.

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“Mrs. Gruber answered me very friendly, that there is still plenty of seats and I could apply,” you tell.

Because you made the different statements taken aback, have you asked Ms. Gruber if you have towels, there is a Problem with the head.

To Mrs Gruber with an uncertain “no,” she replied, and passed some moments. And during the quiet moments you realize that your head scarf is the reason why you got the internship, not get.

I am ashamed of my fellow citizens

The question “do you Have towels there is a Problem with the head?” you asked since in the case of each application. In the process, you had to learn that Mrs. Gruber is the Only one that has something against it.

One day, rang in our setup the phone. Our educator Anna* took off. Anna have you asked the same question as all the others. But you tried not using lame excuses to get rid of. She asked you what time you can to the interview.

That you have to ask such a question, before you even can say who you are, I find pathetic. And I am ashamed of my fellow citizens. I am ashamed of people such as Mrs Gruber.

Unfortunately, it is not an isolated case.

You told me also, that you will be regularly addressed in the subway because of your headscarf. That strange people even touch the cloth and say “What do you want?”.

You told me of your xenophobic high-school teacher always used to say to you, what is the carpet should be on your minds.

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After our conversation, I asked myself, what is it that Mrs Gruber was afraid.

A Muslim reading our children stories? That tells you why she wears a head scarf? That explains why you pray every day three times?

Our children should be to open-minded people

That is exactly what we need. We need more understanding, more exchange. The only way out of our children’s world can be open to adults.

Even if your way to us was pain full, I am very glad that her silk finally came to us. I am pleased that my daughter every Friday is for you. And I hope that you told her much about your Religion, your country and your life.

You are a great addition.

*Name changed by the editors

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