To the anti-social woman in the gas station: You should be ashamed! | Bettina Steinke


You should be ashamed of yourself! Your appearance, you’ve had this week in a Munich Aral-gas station, I will not forget in a hurry. He has shown me how antisocial many people.

You’re one of those people.

It was Monday at around 20.30 PM, I was just on my way home from work. As always, I also came on this day to the Aral petrol station. I wanted to buy a pack of gum and a coke.

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But the EC device at the only open cash register was apparently defective. The employee of the petrol station gave it their Best shot, although behind the current customers that could only pay with a card, in the meantime, eight other people were in the queue. The mood of the Waiting was bad. Also with me.

I wasn’t cold, I felt good, nothing went ahead, and I just wanted to come home. I thought, worse it can’t be real. Then you came along.

You get with your high heels and your bag out of your Taxi, went to the gas station, and directly the aisle to the drinks.

Even your companion was not ashamed for you

It crunched under your feet, the waiting crowd turned in your direction. and your big show began.

Angry you screamed in the crowd: “What is this Shit?! Why here no one of the shards? I could have been hurt!”

We, the other visitors to the gas station, looked at us perplexed. Not sure what we do, how we should act on your anger to respond. The employee struggled with the debit Terminal. Little did she know that she will be your next destination.

“Are you retarded, you stupid bitch?”, did you ask you. “Why don’t you take away the manure here?”

Then your companion is turned on, the previously silent behind you. He was ashamed for you, you didn’t seem to notice. His gaze went through the crowd was clear: He should make it clear that you mean it that way. Really, I couldn’t believe it.

The other looked ashamed to the ground.

The rest of us were clueless

At some point you pulled angry without buying anything. You get back in your Taxi that had been waiting for you and were. The rest of us remained clueless.

I would have liked to have talked with you. You asked why you’re so angry at you and the whole world. I would have told you how anti-social your behavior. That there is no justification whatsoever for the army tank-collaborator, going so finished.

I’ve often talked with the fellow at the gas station. Not only once, I have come to the talks is clear, what must day-to-day endure.

She is working day and night time. You must often glare at: Of drunken young people, who find it cool, other people are stupid to address. Of car drivers, the your anger on the price of fuel to your skip and of customers, whose cash is not sufficient. As all of this would be the fault of a worker.

Although they themselves do not earn much, she gives the homeless man from the side of the road often, a Pretzel and a Cup of coffee, when he comes into the gas station. Of course from your own content.

And you have nothing Better to do, so as a woman so ready to throw with insults to you?

Of course you didn’t know, how much she works and how social you is your environment. No Stranger can know how the circumstances of his life.

Nevertheless, you should treat everyone with respect. Especially if it is as simple as in the petrol station on Monday night: You have just after a broom of questions, and the Dirt can remove. Instead of you as an asshole list.

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