This Russian woman is the most beautiful girl in the world – but guess what her Fans now, is a joke

  • Anastasia Knyazeva is six years old and is celebrated on Instagram as “the most beautiful girl in the world”
  • But your Followers also have creepy suggestions to the student
  • Your celebrity could be for the girl even to a big risk, warns an expert

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Anastasia Knyazeva – or Anna as she is also called – is six years old, lives in Russia and is going to school. So far, So bit out of the ordinary. But Anna has an Instagram Account. And on the Social network more than half a Million Followers to be exact, follow the girl 564.000 foreign people.

But why?

Anna is considered among their Fans as the most beautiful girl in the world.

A post shared by Anna Knyazeva (@anna_knyazeva_official) on 29. Nov 2017 at 2:27 PM

However, the Followers not only do homage to Anna’s “perfection” and her blue eyes. The Fans – grown men ask us to get Dates.

Many Fans Worry

In addition, Anna’s Followers have advice on how the six-year-old her already “an angel” and “doll-like” appearance can beautify. “Let the bangs grow out, then you look older,” rates of your several Followers.

You don’t do this, to have the feeling to be pedophilia is perceived, if you go on a Date with her?

Such counsel, among other things, the reason why many Instagram Users Worried about Anna. “A child should not be modelling, but play outside,” writes a concerned user. Another writes: “Make up?! She is not a child, that’s cool.”

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Some Instagram Users are also concerned that this type of celebrity, for the girl could have dire consequences. “This causes anorexia and bulimia in girls,” writes a User.

And others fear that Anna might be because your account is the target of paedophile offenders: “500,000 Followers online?! 80% of child molesters, I bet.”

This fear is, read the advice, and Date requests, not so far away.

Since 2015, Anna’s mother fills the Intagram Account of your daughter with photos and has made her daughter a small celebrity. A model contract already in the bag.

Еще одно осеннее фото от 📸 @natalaina Берет из новой коллекции 🌸 @chobikids 🌸 #chobi #chobikids #шапки #трикотаж #ручнаяработа #новаяколлекция #анастасиякнязева #Anastasiya Knyazeva #красивыеглаза

A post shared by Anna Knyazeva (@anna_knyazeva_official) at 31. Oct 2017 12:50 PM

“Too many Details for people with evil intentions”

That can have dire consequences for the girl, believe only their Followers. “Anyone who posts pictures of his child, the reveal, perhaps, the place of the child, plans, or a certain Routine that provides people who have bad intentions, many of the Details,” says psychologist Stephanie O’leary of the British newspaper “The Independent”.

In addition, this kind of attention have the potential to disturb the child emotionally difficult, inter alia because of the hurtful comments appearing in social media often.

“It has unforeseen consequences when parents put their child through so much in the cross-fire. You could easily avoid, in the only in real life, certain information with people who also have really have anything to do with the child or the family.”

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