“This is murder,” Erdogan claimed in the madman’s speech, the West is robbing Muslim families and their children

  • In a speech to a business conference for women, the Turkish President gave a crazy speech
  • Actually, it should go in to opportunities to promote women in politics and the economy
  • But Erdogan held rather a Eulogy on Muslim families, – and has accused countries in the West, to steal your children

Recep Tayyip Erdogan is a family man. One of the looks in the family an Instrument for the oppression of women.

Because their role is defined for the Turkish President is clear: a mother, a wife and above all a Muslim.

“Marry and multiply”, he called the Turkish President once a group of 50 women from Muslim countries who visited him in his Palace.

Nevertheless, Erdogan was the star speaker at the 2. Economic conference for the women of his ruling AKP party on 5. December, the “day of women’s rights” in Turkey. This should go in the speech of the Turkish President also actually.

But instead of talking only about how he wants to promote women in his country, launched Erdogan is an absurd attack on the “children of thieves from the West”.

Erdogan: “This is murder, you are not allowed to steal my child”

“Women in Turkey have achieved under our government, their political, economic, academic, and commercial freedom,” Erdogan said in front of hundreds of AKP-supporters. By 2023, he wanted to make it that 43 percent of all women in the country in work. So far so mutmachend.

Erdogan stressed, however, that “Islam is the Religion, the women their true value and their true freedom.”

The “Western modernization” in the area of women’s rights, he described as anti-Islamic threat. A hazard, described by Erdogan with absurd claims.

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Because according to the Turkish President in the West, Muslim families would steal their children. His Ministers would have documented such cases in the Netherlands and in Austria.

“And what’s that?” complained to Erdogan – and answered himself: “This is a massacre, this is murder, you are allowed to me my child not to steal.”

Erdogan: “It is about the future of humanity and democracy”

“No one except a mother can understand how a mother feels that her child was taken away,” said Erdogan. Nevertheless, he made the fight about the allegedly abducted Muslim children in the West.

“It’s not just a fight for women, it’s about the future of humanity and democracy,” said the Turkish President. The floriere in his country for 15 years, while the West is experiencing a “dictatorship of democracy”.

“Humanity is developing in a strange direction,” warned Erdogan to the end of his speech. Given their content a spot-on analysis.

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