The Tweet says it all: While others, the EU, unlike the old, sleeps through his Chance

  • The EU Commission on Wednesday announced wide-reaching reforms of the Euro zone
  • In a Tweet ZDF-Journalist Stefan Leifert, the awkward Silence of the Federal government to the proposals for the future of the EU to the point

On Wednesday, the EU Commission has taken the Initiative of Jean-Claude Juncker announced far-reaching reforms of the Euro zone.

While the President of France, Emmanuel Macron speech on the renewal of the EU waits, after his much-acclaimed principle in September that Germany forms a new government, the EU Commission is a step further.

The ZDF Journalist and correspondent Stefan Leifert made in a Tweet. He was who has so far made far-reaching proposals for the Reform of the EU:

► Emmanuel Macron in September
► The EU-Commission
► And already in February the EU Parliament

Who is still missing on this list? German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU). Although Merkel said after the speech by Macron, the proposals of the French President formed a good basis. However, it would have to be spoken about the Details yet.

But Macron is still waiting. After the Jamaica soundings have failed and it is still unclear when in Berlin, a government is formed, it is likely that reform proposals can be a Federal government to the EU.

The reform plans, especially is a bone of contention

The reform proposals of the EU Commission are in the core consists of two points:

► The European stability mechanism (ESM) is to be transformed into a European monetary Fund to rescue countries in crisis and ailing banks.

► In addition, should be created the post of an EU Minister for Finance.

The EU Finance Ministers is similar to that of the EU-combine foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini multiple functions and at the same time, Vice-President of the EU Commission and the Euro group Chairman. He would also monitor the work of the new monetary Fund, and would also be subject to the control of the European Parliament, it said.

The proposals are expected to provide for lively discussions among the member States, and also in Berlin. Even Merkel has supported in the past, the idea of an EU Finance Ministers. The former Federal Minister of Finance Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU) presented in a paper the plans sound similar to that of the EU-Commission.

However, there is a significant difference: Schäuble stressed that the EU funds should have greater control over the budgets of member States and independently by the EU-Commission should act.

With his proposals Juncker Germany has come before.

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