May praises for progress in Brexit negotiations in the Parliament exploded with laughter breaks out

  • Theresa May had to answer in the British Parliament for their Brexit policy
  • Especially the leader of the opposition Jeremy Corbyn attacked the Prime Ministers in the strongest possible terms
  • May answered him with a self-praise and the sound earned laughter from the hall

Theresa May is a joke – at least in the British Parliament, for a few breaths.

The British Prime Minister had to make in the House of Commons the issues of the Brexit Committee. Not an easy task, Because the British government is making hardly any progress in the negotiations with the European Union – which is also to the ten members of the national DUP from Ireland, with their support, May ruled.

This can block any compromise in the dispute on the Irish-Northern Irish border – and it is this dispute that has brought the Brexit negotiations to a standstill.

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A fact that May ausblendete when questioned in Parliament turned a blind eye.

May: “We have made good progress”

The Parliament setting was for may’s government to the embarrassing Farce. Because, as the opposition noted leader Jeremy Corbyn: in July, may’s trade Minister Liam Fox had said that Brexit negotiations would be “the easiest negotiations in the history of mankind.”

Under the first laughter asked Corbyn to May turned to: “is the Prime Minister of this assessment continue?”

May grinned: “As I have the honour gentlemen just said, the negotiations are ongoing and we are making great progress.”

As a answer, you got peals of laughter, even some of may’s Tory members of Parliament had to resist a Chuckle.

Corbyn: “The tail wags the dog”

Corbyn is taking advantage of the Moment.

“The DUP seems to be sitting here in the cab”, and flung it to the Prime Minister. And he joked: “the tail is wagging The dog.”

May have none of the issues the Opposition answered clearly, the whole Brexit negotiations were a “heap of ruins”, he stated.

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The government was not able to solve the most important problems of the country, said Corbyn. “Actually worsens as you.”

In fact, Mays government.

Not only because of the Brexit negotiations so important a border dispute in Ireland seems to overwhelm you – but also because of the presence of Britain’s Brexit-Minister David Davis only a short time before the Prime Minister.

Davis is the ignorance of the British government

Also, Davis was questioned in the Parliament of Brexit-Committee, he made a very bad figure.

So the Brexit-the Minister had to admit that the British government could not currently estimate for many areas of the economy of the country, such as leaving the EU this would affect.

Previously had always been talk that Mays Cabinet studies has made. Studies, wanted to let you according to their own statements, not to publish.

Now, Davis said: In fact, such studies do not exist.

A small insight into the Brexit-the Chaos of the British domestic policy – and a fact that drove Jeremy Corbyn to a white heat.

► “Has now told us the Brexit-the Minister, there are no studies on the consequences of Brexit. You can redeem us from our suffering: they Exist now, or not?” he asked the Prime Minister.

May countered: “Maybe you should listen to the answers, I’ll give it to you”.

However, they had to admit then, that out of the 58 studies, the have requested the Parliament not to exist. “But there are hundreds of pages of sector analyses, and we have not made it clear that we do not comment on ongoing negotiations,” she tried to justify.

This time provoked May no laughter. Instead, it set derisive booing.

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