Entkehrung the Christians | Robert Brun and Gert


The Roman demise

There may be many theories as to why the culturally highly developed Roman Empire, and thus the significant ancient went. Obvious, however, is that Christianity was solely on increasing, which led to the dark ages. Roads, cities, water supply and disposal succumbed to, and the people made it on the streets, in the groundwater and had to sterilize with alcohol. This may explain why the people were of the immaculate conception, and similar finished preaching, without hitting your preacher to the cross.

The cultural development was enormous. It is not only the infrastructure, the trade in goods, the construction industry or the legal system suffered so enormously, that already from the alcohol-induced psychotic neglect must be the speech. The education succumbed to large Parts of what the naive and drunk people listened to your preacher and hear, therefore, that the voice of God speaks to you. Because you can hide such a mental Defective under the guise of religiosity, without Closed? That is exactly what it is that these preachers enjoy at the same time, in many circles, a high Reputation, but not in boys.

Since stupid and multiply you until you starved to death

This is the Motto of Christianity, that they multiply and the earth to rape, but the habitat of all human beings, animals, plants and other life forms of this earth. So the Christians were stupid and brought their true Motto around the world, what comes to the debt-to-money-capitalism, with its “creation of money” is quite located the place after all, with more people, more sales. People are stupid, multiply and many of them are starving to death already. So this is the way we go about Christianity is that we are consuming the world in which we live, and overloads, until we die, then, since it won’t be at a perpetual growth just forever, until it is enough for all.

You may say today that it is participating in the redistribution of goods, so it will not stay like this forever, since certain goods are finite and not infinite. This fits, of course, not in the concept of eternal growth of Christianity, or of our debt-money-based capitalism, that something is at last. As the Christians would like to think that you enter into the infinite Kingdom of heaven. What do we other people, the reason is based belong to the atheism? Now, we will enter it also, so we can then hopefully put all of that behind us, and in the Nothing move.

The cultural Insanity of humanity

In may 2016, Dr. Phil. Christian Rätsch on the Mary Jane Berlin, these appropriate words:

“I make no secret out of it, I consider Religion a cultural mental illness of mankind.”

Christianity is, of course, to be regarded as the basic problem for the decline of the Roman Empire, and the culturally highly developed ancient, to what the dark ages looked at the old world over the centuries home until then, with industrialization, capitalism, and following the debt-money-based capitalism took over the creation of money, the concept of eternal growth.

However, one should not restrict their own horizons in such a way. We all want to every Religion generalized decline and us open to atheism and to confess. Every day is the right thing to do, in order to officially leave the Church, or to renounce any other Religion. It should be clear to everyone that any Religion is nothing more than a sect. The difference between a cult and a Religion is, however, that a sect in the society is not yet recognized. From the Moment of social recognition, it would be after all a Religion, however, is also brainwashing. It is debatable whether a Religion or a cult, brain washing or brain operates wash light, from the concept, however, is in the same direction, which sects are rejected.

Who thinks of his soul’s salvation, to exceed, in each case for atheism, with which he can after the death of in the Nothing to move on and not with “where” the eternity you have to spend.