Because only vaginal and clitoral women of 12 different types of orgasms can have

  • Only 33 percent of German women come regularly during Sex to orgasm
  • And, although there are many different forms of height point
  • These twelve orgasms can reach women through proper Stimulation

Some women fake it regularly, some have never seen him and others even have multiple highlights: About the female orgasm, there are many myths and stories. The fact is that only 33 percent of German women come regularly during Sex to orgasm. 10 to 15 percent came according to the research of the condom manufacturer Durex, however, never to a climax.

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And although there are even a number of orgasms. This list shows that in theory a lot is possible – because Orgamsus is not the same Orgamsus:

1. Vaginal

Although it is probably the most well-known among the orgasms, according to a study, only about four percent of the women by pure vaginal stimulation to climax. This kind of peak is often not so intense. Women describe the vaginal orgasm as a deep sense of relaxation in the abdominal region.

2. The clitoris

In this highlight, all agree: It is really. The clitoral orgasm is almost all women, the most common Orgasmusart, the experience and often the first. A study of the Charité in Berlin shows, it is for many women, the only Form of Orgamsus, you achieve.

The clitoris is stimulated by contraction, energy is released, which then triggers the climax. The feeling can be distributed all over the body and up to a Minute to continue.

3. Oral

As crazy as it sounds, it is possible to come for the oral gratification to another Person to orgasm. It depends on how delicate and sensitive the tongue, the lips and the mouth. Sometimes, the stimulation of these areas can migrate through the whole body and lead to an orgasm.

4. Anal

Also if anal sex is not for everyone, it can come, as in the case of vaginal Stimulation, even to a Orgamsus. Because in the context of a study, 94 percent of the respondents reported ever anal climax came. Important sufficient preparation and careful implementation, as the Anus is very sensitive. Lube and sex toys help to get to the climax.

5. Mental

By mere imagination come to the climax? This is also possible. Apparently women can achieve, even if only extremely rarely, a purely mental orgasm. Which can be, for example, to induce dreams. Researchers claim that about 37 percent of the women had a real orgasm during sleep.

And it doesn’t even need genital Stimulation. It may happen that it is aroused by a real orgasm or that you can feel him in the dream.

6. G-Spot

When it comes to the climax of the woman, one speaks again and again of him: the G-spot. Researchers are not in agreement whether it is just a myth. Dr. Ernst Grafenberg is to have him in 1950 discovered. At the point in the Interior of the Vagina many erogenous nerves run together ends of the vaginal walls, which is why he is particularly sensitive. The G-spot should be about four to five centimeters from the vaginal entrance. Its Stimulation will lead to an intense feeling of pleasure.

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7. A Point

If you don’t find the G-spot, it can instead try using the A-point. To be located in the vicinity. He is on the same vaginal wall, only a little deeper in the direction of the cervix. Therefore, it is stimulated, especially when deep Penetration of the man and to cause some women to multiple orgasms.

8. U-Point

Yes, there is another point, which is said to give women a orgasm. The U-point, it is rather an area that is located above the urethral opening of a woman. The Stimulation of the Region with the help of your fingers or a Vibrator to urge a similar feeling like urine, and a pleasant tingling trigger. Some women should come to an intense climax.

9. Zone orgasm

But also any areas that can lead to a Orgamsus, if you are stimulated. It differs from person to person, whether one has such a sensitive area and where they are located. Often the thighs include inner sides, of the neck and the clavicle. In men the stimulation of the prostate can lead to the climax.

10. Breast orgasm

Some women can start for the highlight, but even her panties. This is due to the Stimulate the breast and nipples. Because the breast is a highly erogenous Zone. The Stimulation, for example by Stroking, Licking or Dragging, is processed by the same brain cells, which is also the vaginal stimuli to be sent.

11. Cervical Orgamsus

Also the uterus plays an important role for the pleasure of the woman. Because for some women a deep and constant pressure on the cervix can lead to orgasm.

To be able to achieve this and stimulate, you must penetrate the man deeply. In this Form the height of it depends on the size. But be careful: Not all women find this pleasant. For some, it can be rather painful.

12. “Blended Orgasm”

The “Blended Orgasm” is supposed to be the highlight of all highlights. He unites the vaginal and the clitoral orgasm, and should therefore be particularly intensive. And this Form should not be that hard to achieve With a little Practice, the Partner can stimulate both areas at the same time with the fingers and the Penis. Also, a Vibrator can be very helpful to come to the “Blended Orgasm”.

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