A new stop for the Bochum-Hofstede | Volker Steude


The draft of the new local transport plan shows that Hofstede, in particular the settlement patterns and fabric bebereich to the North and South of the post road, is, unfortunately, very bad in the Bochum public transport network. The bus route 388 runs through today only Hofstede from the West to the East, and only in 60-minute intervals. In accordance with the requirements of the new local transport plan will also be the line. Whether and how the line, if is to be replaced by another, is still open.

From North to South, the line crosses RB 46, referred to as the Glückauf-Bahn, the area. This does not hold, but so far, unfortunately, in Hofstede. Between Hamme and Rimke a stop in Hofstede’s missing.

With a new stop Hofstede is integrated much better into the transport network

In order to develop the South of Hofstede significantly better with the local transportation that the city designers propose, therefore, now, there, where the post road passes under the railway line of the Line RB 46, a new “stop the BO-Hofstede” (stop BO-Hofstede 3D).

The Glückauf-Bahn (RB 46) connects the main railway stations of Bochum, Wanne-Eickel and Gelsenkirchen and is the fastest connection between the three large cities. In Bochum the North, it is an integral part of local city transport. Mondays to Fridays operates the line RB 46 during the day, half an hour in the rest of the times the trains run every hour. In the weekend nights, an additional night-time traffic is offered to about 3 o’clock

At the main station in Bochum, tub stations-Eickel and Gelsenkirchen, the line offers good connections to Regional and long-distance transport. The track has so far only 6 stops, Bochum-Hbf., BO-West, BO-Hamme, BO-Riemke, Wanne-Eickel, Gelsenkirchen.

The city’s designers proposed new bus stop BO-Hofstede is the BO-Hamme and BO-Riemke (line plan with RB 46), on the site of the former goods station of the Zeche Constantin 1/2. The new stop opens Hofstede about the community and the post road. From the new bus stop BO-Hofstede, there is a direct foot and cycle path to the Hannibal center, the discounters are out of there at the Hofsteder street accessible. On the former GMU-site connection of the housing of the consumer-street areas to the North. New businesses on the GMU site also received a transport connection, as well as the in this area already established businesses.

Stop allows pedestrians and cyclists to a crossing free crossing of the post road

In addition, the city beat designer with the stop of the train to cross the bridge on the post road. This allows on the South side of the station accessible to the foot – and cycle path in the direction of Hordel. On foot and cyclists could cross the post road in the future, intersection – free (map of bus stop BO-Hofstede).

In the South of the station, in addition to a cycle and footpath is for the future, moreover, passing under the railway line, planned for pedestrians and cyclists, regardless of the post road end-to-end connection along the Hofsteder Bach from Hordel to the Grummer ponds.

Due to the location and the development of opportunities in the North on the town road and to the South by the existing feeder path of the post-road, may be erected, the station is relatively easily accessible, without the construction of a lift is required. In addition, a stairway leading to the post road. For cyclists, the city beat designer before at the bus stop, a Bike & Ride facility, as well as a bike rental station (metro flywheel Ruhr).

The administration should now consider what are the costs for the construction of the new station would be created, what funding opportunities exist and with the expected Fahrgastzuwach by the bus stop on time.