What a mother asked her daughter whose wedding is cruel

  • A mother demands of her daughter, a maid of honor
  • The maid of honor of the daughter of her best friend and has a walking disability
  • The mother finds that would interfere with the wedding

It is a horrible Please, a mother to her daughter: you should look for a different maid of honor. For your current maid of honor has a walking disability and this keeps the mother at the wedding for disturbing.

In a letter in the Online magazine “Slate” complains a mother to a suffering of the journalist, Mallory Ortberg, takes within a column under the name “Prudence” to the Concerns of the readers and responds to them.

“The Problem is that Katie had a pronounced limp due to a birth defect is quite difficult,” writes the mother of the bride. “She has no Problem with wearing High Heels and even a matching dress, but I think it would look ugly, if you would herhumpeln during the wedding procedure prior to my daughter.”

Suitable to the theme: Horror wedding: What the bride of her Friends asked, clearly goes too far

Now the mother does not know what to do. Because, actually, it would be you dear, if the young woman would not accept the disability Part, you over in front of her daughter, but to see it just sitting. You could films, for example, proposes the mother, or programs to distribute – not to disturb “the Aesthetics of the wedding.”

“The Hobble is a part of Katie’s,” writes Prudence

As the mother reports, you expressed to your daughter your concerns. As was to be expected, reacted at all positively to it.

“My daughter no longer speaks to me. But it’s your big wedding and I want it to be perfect. All the other bridesmaids will look beautiful when they go together down, with my daughter,” she complains.

The answer of Prudence, was equally clear.

“You say this girl was like a daughter to you and yet you want to launch the wedding of your other daughter, just because she limps. A Limp is not a hair in the soup, it is a part of Katie’s,” she writes.

“This behavior is cruel and the disabled hostile”

She says, your action is disabled, hostile, cruel, and speak for the Lack of empathy, compassion and decency.

The letter was shared thousands of times on social media – and all of them are clearly of one mind with Prudence.

“It scares me that such creatures on our earth walk around,” writes a Twitter user.

Other Twitter users quoted the words of the mother, wrote in the letter:

“I am ready to accept you, if she knows her place, and the Aesthetics of not messing up.”

“I bet in your household, it was not permitted that the children stay in the living room,” he writes.

Add: The maid of honor with the disability is Katie’s best friend. You know, since you are four years old.

And yet, aesthetically, allegedly, perfect wedding seems to be the mother to be more important than the feelings of their daughter and their best friend.

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