TV-tips: The running on Thursday evening


At 20:15, The First: hirschhausen’s Quiz of man, quiz show

Jürgen von der Lippe, Dunja Hayali, Ingo Zamperoni and Jeannine Michaelsen face the curious questions quiz of Germany’s most famous doctor, Dr. Eckart von Hirschhausen.
He coaxes his guests the most intimate secrets: Who washes as on the whole body? And women really are clean than men? In the case of “hirschhausen’s office hours” anyone can join: members of the audience ask the questions you wanted to ask your doctor, and have always been – but it never dared to have.

The DVD of the “miracle healer” with Eckart von hirschhausen, you can order here

20:15 Clock, ProSieben: Kiss Bang Love – Endless Summer Dating Show

What kisses a woman in the heart of Julius? What woman can enchant it with your blind kiss? In “Kiss Bang Love” meets Julius in a Villa on the island of Mallorca, 15 Single women. All have a goal: you are looking for the great love. For this, Kiss Bang Love power, “” the proverb, ‘A kiss says more than 1,000 words to the program: Julius and his women are kissing with a blindfold. Who has the right chemistry? What woman can convince your kiss? And in whom the spark not to jump at all? Then, Julius learn all of the 15 women.

20:15 Uhr, VOX: The zookeeper, Comedy

The zookeeper Griffin Keyes (Kevin James) is a nice fellow who loves his work in the Franklin Park Zoo. He likes the animals, but unfortunately, no luck with the women. He decides to change career and find a Job that is viewed in the female gender higher. The alerts, in turn, the animals of the zoo who want to lose their caring keepers. You break your silence vow and reveal to him that you can talk to. With tips for a successful courtship you want to teach her beloved nurse, to win the heart of a woman.

20:15 Uhr, Kabel eins: the flight of The Phoenix, adventure, drama

After the crash of their aircraft stranded eleven Survivors in the burning heat of the Gobi desert. Without a wireless connection, far away from the planned Route and with scarce water supplies equipped, their chances of rescue. One of the passengers (Giovanni Ribisi) is an aircraft designer and a crazy appearing a proposal: from the wreckage a new aircraft to build, to escape the murderous desert. In painstaking work the miracle succeeds. The construction of the Phoenix to succeed, but he will fly?

20:15 clock, arte: Kebab extra hot, Comedy

The Viennese Café-owners Johann (Andreas Vitasek) and the Turkish businessman Mustafa (Tim Seyfi) make each other’s lives harder than it should be. A joint television appearance of Johann and Mustafa escalated instead of an example of successful Integration will be served fisticuffs. But Johann has paid for months rent, and this is the end. Mustafa submits that the eviction action. Mustafa, however, has no time, his Triumph to savor. Be ultimately arch-conservative father-in-law has announced his visit. The donkey for the upcoming circumcision feast invariably starts the son of the father-in-law has already deliver.