The AfD works in the election-the final sprint with a US advertising Agency, the self-Trump was too frivolous

  • The election to the Bundestag fight goes into the hot Phase
  • Also, the AfD wants to again pick up speed – and with a massive negative campaign against Merkel points
  • Behind it is a PR-Agency from the United States, even Donald Trump was too delicate

“The Eidbrecherin” prankt it in large letters, white on red on the same site. Is meant to be Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor. The dark colors and the professionally designed page accuses the CDU leader, only the breaking of your oath of office, but also complete failure.

Because of Merkel, allegedly, 98 people had become “victims of terrorists”. Moreover, it is promoted with the label’s number of 15,000 euros monthly cost per immigrant (in fact, the cost per refugee is likely to be significantly lower, many of the Immigrant must supply himself or not be covered by the German social system in the first place).

The creators of the quirky site then blatantly to spread their messages: “The CDU and the Eidbrecherin have plunged Germany into disaster!”, it is a picture that can be shared with one click on Facebook or Twitter.

Vincent Harris: The Texan’s behind the smear campaign of the AfD in the election-the final sprint

The U.S. Agency with the provocative and aggressive campaigns

It is clear that The AfD has switched to the Website, it says so in the imprint. However, the Domain was registered on the 1. September in the United States.

And the campaign has been developed, it is likely to be the work of the Texan’s Vincent Harris, writes the “star”. In addition, the Domain of Harris registered’ advertising Agency.

By the end of August had reported “Spiegel Online”, the AfD with the help of Harris, founded PR-Agency Harris Media works.

Well, mainly for two reasons:

► On the one hand, the Agency for its “provocative and aggressive campaigns” is known as “Spiegel Online” writes.

► On the other hand, the Harris Team worked with a host of controversial right-wing politicians – quite successfully. According to the company website, among other things, the archconservative Republican Senator Ted Cruz, U.S.-scandal politician, Sarah Pallin, and the British right-wing populist Ukip party are among the customers.

Even Trump was Harris too sensitive

And for Donald Trump, Harris has worked with. But after a few days of the current US President had stopped the cooperation.

Harris’ PR Agency should actually support Trump in the presidential campaign. However, the latter should not have fallen according to rumors, the reputation, Harris is ahead.

The AfD doesn’t seem to mind. Harris has sent a Team of three people to Berlin, from where they will support the party in the hot Phase of the election campaign and the “dirty work” to do, such as the “Frankfurter Rundschau” reported.

Because, as in the United States against the Trump-opponent Hillary Clinton, to fight the AfD election-final spurt to help dirt campaigns to success – and of the current scandals involving top candidate Alice ryegrass distract.

The emotionalized representation of Angela Merkel as a Eidbrecherin fit into the picture. “The feeling that the government no longer adheres to laws, unites the supporters of the AfD, also on asylum policy,” said PR consultant Thomas Praus the research portal, “Correctiv”.

Will won the election online?

The right-wing populist party, in particular, impress on the Facebook voters. With some drastic negative campaigns: as a graph, the part of bloody Tire marks, evidence of seven terror attacks in Europe. The Headline: “The trail of the world-Chancellor of Europe.”

Here, too, the Intention is clear: As Merkel opened at the peak of the refugee crisis on the borders, whether it is directly to blame for the recent terrorist attacks. Since the AfD looks studiously over distorted representations, something the assassin of Manchester is born in the UK and not migrated.

The Social-Media-Finance-Offensive, calls the AfD solid, to donate to the party. The goal of 1 Million Euro, more than 710 000 Euro, the party has collected. “At least since the Trumps electoral victory, we know that The election is won, especially online,” writes the party under your notice.

With a Million euros you could reach in Facebook up to 15 million users, even multiple times, stressed with the PR consultant, Praus. As current polls show, seem to be at least some voters to give the racist and simplified phrases, the AfD really Believe.

And thanks to Harris the last election campaign-week could be even worse off than she is now.

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