Sarahah: behind the social network


Bullying has always been there. Earlier, the victim could be sure that they could at least be in the safety of your own home, not from classmates, or colleagues addressed. With the Internet, this has changed. In the case of Messaging services like “WhatsApp” or in social media like “Facebook” or “Twitter” today, in the worst case, even online. For good reason, there are initiatives such as “Safer Internet Day”, the experts, or even celebrities about the dangers and the extent of cyber bullying want to educate.

With “Sarahah” there is now an App for iOS and Android, which, unfortunately, is made as to the fact that users squabble. While on other platforms at least a Nickname, who has left a nasty comment, a User of the “Sarahah send” completely anonymous messages to other users.

The dark sides of the Internet, it is also in the series “Darknet”, which you can see here for free

What Sarahah is “,” exactly?

The new “WhatsApp”? No, this is not “Sarahah” and don’t want it to be. In an interview with “India Today” is not declared App-makers ZainAlabdin Tawfiq, that there is a “common communication platform”, but rather “a platform for constructive Feedback”. Actually the App was originally designed to be able to in a business environment, anonymous notes, for example, to the higher Management within a company. But why is the potential limit?

Anyone who downloads the App and creates an account that receives only the messages sent. No other user can view it, it is not currently answer once possible. Anyone who knows the name of the User, can write to him, however, and do not need to have the App. The corresponding Website “” surf and time right from the leather to pull – the should at least think some of that feel in the cloak of anonymity is safe.

How do the creators of counter-abuse?

According to the British “BBC” secured “Sarahah” after the introduction in the West, the Top placement in the App Store in more than 30 countries. More than 300 million messages have been transmitted already. The terms and conditions of use, however, are vague when it comes to bullying. Users should “behave ethically” and “insults and abuse reticle”. We reserve the right to terminate any user or any message, but not much more can be found on the Website.

In an interview with the British Tawfiq explained that this was a point to fight with the all the social networks and in the case of “Sarahah” a single Offense, “a case too much.” You’ve made a number of safety precautions, Details he didn’t want to give but in order to facilitate the possibility of abuse.

Apple has recognized the hazards and specifies in the App Store that the “minimum age to Load this program” is only 17 years – to protect the welfare of for at least children from cyber bullying. Whether the arrangements of the makers sufficient is questionable anyway. The more important it is so that his children of the dangers and to make younger people realize that bullying is not cool.

“Many understand – not, I believe, what you can do with bullying,” said YouTube Star Dagi Bee (22) in the past year, the news Agency spot on news. “I have under my pictures and Videos many cute comments, but now also many negatives. Due to the anonymity of the Internet, of course it is easy to offend someone, because there are no consequences,” she says. But, as with a bullying Situation? “I always give as a tip, to block the appropriate people and to not take that to heart,” Dagi Bee. “Positive experience, time with friends and family. If one is being bullied in school, you should seek help from the teacher, other classmates, or the parents. Together we are strong!”