Police operation at a campaign event: CSU-politician threatened with gun

  • In the Bavarian town of Taufkirchen, the police had to intervene during a campaign event
  • During a panel discussion, a woman in the audience pulled a gun on the CSU politician Florian Hahn

At a panel discussion in the Bavarian town of Taufkirchen, there has been an incident with a gun. During the interview round, including the Green Anton Hofreiter participated in, threatened, suddenly a woman the CSU-politician Florian Hahn with a gun. The “mercury” reported.

Accordingly, the police had stormed the venue, as the evening had been almost completed. The officials had asked the woman: “Give me the gun.”

Woman obviously confused mentally

The police officers led the woman – apparently she was confused mentally. She was brought up according to the “mercury” in a psychiatry.

CSU-politician, Hahn reacted according to the newspaper quiet on the incident. He asked the presenter, the case for the audience to resolve. “Just a woman has a gun pointed at the Podium,“ said this according to the mercury. Valve have corrected him then: “me.”

Later it turned out according to the “mercury” that had been the weapon of the woman is only a “decorative weapon”. Hahn told the newspaper that the woman was known to him. She would have attacked him already on several events verbally.

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