English family Clan keeps the homeless and the mentally disabled, for decades, as slaves

  • A family from England has kept over the years, men caught
  • The homeless and mentally disabled men were forced to work as slaves for the Clan
  • “These crimes are scary in their lack of mercy,” said the judge.

A terrible crime shocked Britain. Eleven members of a family clan stood in front of the court, because for years, the homeless, people with mental disabilities and alcohol abuse as slaves and have to work. The police of Lincolnshire reported.

The ten men and one woman are supposed to have promised their victims a place to stay and work, and to lured you. Then you should have the men in the age from 18 to 63 years, in a caravan or disabled – without running water, without toilets.

The men were Asphalt seven days a week to and Tar has been forced.

The men had to live in filthy living. (Credit: Police Lincoln Shore)

At the same time it did the family good to go. The members of the clan, drove expensive sports cars, made luxury vacation and lived in expensive houses.

One of the victims had to live for 26 years in the family

The family members have been injured intimidated the men, they were beaten, with stones and Rakes. Also, the support services that the men received from the state, has put the Clan in its own pocket. One of the men lived for 26 years on the grounds of the family.

The British news channel “BBC” reports, the family got one of the men forced to dig his own grave. After that, he had to sign a contract in the state: “You will be the Rest of your life work for me. If you contract does not sign it, you’ll end up in there.”

On this plot of land, horrible played. (Credit: Police Lincoln Shore)

In September 2014, finally, the police carried out a RAID on the land of the clan. Then they freed 18 men. Now, 11 members of the family were before the court.

“These crimes are scary in their lack of mercy,”

“These crimes are scary in their lack of mercy,” said the judge. The victims of the family had been pushed into complete submission and had known that any resistance would have been futile.

“The victims will get the years that were taken from them, never to return,” said the spokesman of the police. “We are doing everything in our Power to do, to prevent that others have to suffer the same fate.”

The eleven defendants were sentenced to more years in prison.

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