“As a woman, be vigilant”: behind The post, the warning of a white van

  • A Facebook post is currently causing excitement in the Region around Dessau
  • Mediterranean-looking men have approached women from a Transporter is the
  • The police made the vehicle owners to locate

In times of Social Media posts spread rapidly in the network. As a private investigation call that was posted on the weekend on Facebook.

In the post warning of a white van. He’s supposed to be driven by the Dessau district of Kochstedt, and the neighbouring village of Mosigkau, the “mitteldeutsche Zeitung” reported. The Mediterranean-looking occupants should have addressed women.

“You stop, and there are several” in the post

In the Post of urgent advice is given: “As a woman, please make sure to be vigilant… stop and there are several… it’s no fun.”

The local police reacted with mixed feelings to the contribution that has already been shared hundreds of times. Especially because in the Facebook post is also a concrete indicator was called. “Because you never know what happens at the end,” said a police spokesman for the “MZ”.

The police has reviewed the case

The officials investigated the case and made fast to the vehicle owner identify: “The holder is in Dessau, a resident, has a construction company and employees, the orders, of course, through the Region of back-and-forth.” The spokesman for the police stressed, however, that no beginning had been suspected of a Crime.

He emphasized: “We strongly recommend, makings calls and public investigations to be left to the police.” Because in The end, the Creator of such contributions is also culpable.

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