After hurricane “Harvey” appears this creature in front of Texas – it provides researchers with a puzzle

  • Hurricane “Harvey” has washed up a strange creature on the beach of Texas is attached
  • Researchers puzzles, what could be
  • Pictures of the creature you see in the Video above

During the hurricane “Harvey” was in the beginning of September flushed a strange creature on the coast of Texas City.

Preeti Desai, an employee of the environmental organization “the National Audobon Society” discovered the essence.

As Desai didn’t know what it is in the lifeless beings, that he posted pictures of it on Twitter and asked users for their help.

Desai: “What the hell is that?”

“Okay, biology-Twitter, what the hell is that?? On the beach in Texas City found,” she wrote on Twitter.

The recordings document the essence of law is impressive. But came to a clear result, experts and Amateur researchers.

Most of the approval of the proposal, that it could be an eel-type, which was also in the coastal waters off Texas at home got.

What is the washed-up creatures really, not yet been clarified.

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