A homeless person wants to sleep – then a Porsche driver shoots him down

  • A homeless feel of a Porsche driver disturbed
  • It comes to a dispute
  • The man suffered two life-threatening gunshot wounds

A woman shoots a homeless man. He had felt of your Porsche disturbed.

The man had previously tried on a road in Nashville in the US state of Tennessee to sleep. The woman, an American singer, parked not far from it your Porsche. The engine blared, the music was loud, reported the “Bild”newspaper. And at three in the morning.

The homeless felt of the exhaust gases is disturbed, and therefore the 26-Year-old. The conversation escalated – the 54-Year-old screamed the woman, berated and insulted you according to the media.

Porsche driver shoots homeless low

As he had turned away, got out the woman. You wanted to accompany a friend to a nearby car, said her father later, the regional newspaper “Tennessean”. For this, they took your gun.

As the homeless wanted to say something, she expressed according to the paper twice. In self-defense, said her father. Because you had closed your eyes, want you have not noticed, as the man collapsed.

The 54-Year-old remains with life-threatening injuries, as the woman drove away. Only days later, she called the police.

Up to the hearing, the mother of a five-year-old boy is walking free, she had to pay a Deposit. Against the woman is being investigated for attempted murder.

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