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My Name is Lina, Pauling, I’m 21 years old and a year ago I started training to be a midwife.

My colleagues and I have great joy in the profession, but if we don’t knock on the table now will not give it to us soon!

It can’t be that…

  • more and more maternity hospitals and delivery rooms are closed and women are no longer make it to the birth of the clinic.
  • Women need to be left to birth alone.
  • due to the high liability insurance for midwives, no home – and document possible births.
  • Midwives are not able to protect your own family financially.
  • Overtime to normality.

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Together, we have a Chance to avert the disaster!

We call on the politicians of all parties to the Bundestag election in 2017, to incorporate the following points to improve the Situation for midwives in the election programmes and government policy:

  • provision of obstetric Offered
  • The adjustment of the fees regulation for acceptable earning potential
  • Increase in the personnel key to a One-to-One care
  • Reduction of contributions to the liability insurance
  • comprehensive education of the society about the responsibilities of the midwives
  • Starting salary of 3000 Euro gross for the delivery room-midwifes.

First words, first sleep Through the night – and the first daycare: All of the is issue in our parents group on Facebook. Register here.

Every woman should have the right to a midwife! Please support us with your signature, so that you, your friends or anyone else alone, if the child comes from.


Thank You

Lina Pauling

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