Why the Polish government about 800 billion euros from Germany wants to have

  • With expert opinion, the Polish government has reiterated its demand for compensation payments from Germany
  • Historians dispute that the claim is justified
  • Many observers believe: The rights of the PiS government pursues a political goal

It’s going to be a lot of money. Up to 840 billion Euro. So much money wants to the request of the Polish government, possibly from Germany, as compensation for the destruction in the Second world war.

On Monday, the Polish Parliament has submitted an opinion to the claim for reparations. The Federal government is contrary to the.

To keep track of a lot of observers under the right-wing government party, PiS in Poland, rather, a political calculation.

The you have to about the Polish Calls for war compensation know:

1. What is the experts opinion?

Since the beginning of August, the Polish politician called for back reparations payments from Germany. On Monday, the Polish Parliament, an expert has published opinions.

In the 40-page paper it is stated: “It is legitimate to say that the Republic of Poland is entitled to compensation from the Federal Republic of Germany and the assertion that the claims were not expired or lapsed, is unfounded.”

The arguments in the opinion:

► A waiver of 1953 was unconstitutional and only under pressure from the Soviet Union.
► In addition, you have affected only the GDR.
► Crimes against humanity are not time-barred, the same applies to compensation for such crimes, the authors write.

The currently open compensation sum, the authors do not mention in the paper. In Warsaw the speech, however, is of an amount of up to 840 billion euros, Spiegel Online reported.

After the war, from Germany caused material damage in Poland were estimated at 48.8 billion US dollars, it is said in the opinion.

The Prime Minister Beata Szydlo had stressed on Thursday: “Poland reparations to stand, we are ready to enforce it.”

2. What is the reaction of Germany?

The Federal government has rejected the claims. Government spokesman Steffen Seibert said on Friday that Germany is fully aware of its responsibility for the “unspeakable crimes” of the Second world war, and to bar further payments for the consequences of the injustice of the Nazis.

Poland had renounced in 1953 to further claims, and later repeatedly confirmed.

The reparations for Poland in the so-called Potsdam agreement of 2. August 1945 regulated. There is that the Soviet Union would pay the reparation claims of Poland from its reparations.

In 1953, the Soviet Union refused then, in agreement with the Polish government to further claims. In 1970, the then government in Warsaw has confirmed the waiver in the framework of the Treaty on the normalization of relations.

3. Are Poland’s justified claims?

Not only the German policy is contradicted by historians hold the receivables from Poland is not justified.

► The very last Moment to file claims, were in 1990 the Two Plus Four negotiations, says historian Gregor Schöllgen against “Spiegel Online”. In the Wake of the reunification of Germany and the recognition of the Oder-Neisse-border with Poland have, however, no new receivables.

► The historian Sven Felix Kellerhoff in an article in the daily newspaper “the world”, the compensation payments for completed. In 1991, Germany and Poland had agreed on the still open questions of compensation. About the Foundation for Polish-German reconciliation is to be invested DM 2.5 billion to Poland and former Polish forced laborers.

► The charge of the Polish government, and Poland have not signed the waiver in 1953, voluntary, Kellerhoff not apply. A number of international agreements of Poland from the time are still valid. And in 2004, Poland’s government had not clearly and unambiguously on any reparations waived.

4. Behind the claim of calculus?

Most observers agree, therefore, that behind the demand of the Polish government was a political calculation.

Currently, an infringement procedure of the EU against Poland. Shutter the controversial judiciary reform in the country, critics fear, the DC circuit of the courts.

The repair Ford be interpreted, therefore, as a sign to Brussels and the neighbors in Berlin.

For example, the Polish Deputy defense Minister Bartosz Kownacki said at a Celebration in honor of the Warsaw uprising: “Today, the sons and grandsons of these monsters teach us what is democracy. You should remain silent.” The “world told”.

The ruling party PiS is increasingly anti-German rhetoric. The CDU-near Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung and the Polish Institute for Public Affairs, warned in a recent joint report “in the meantime, stronger anti-German rhetoric in public political discourse”.

The Polish government is on a course of confrontation against the Federal Republic of Germany, to make mood and to unite the people behind your course.

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In Poland itself the reparations are pushed claims to a mixed response.

Wlodzimierz Borodziej, a historian at the University of Warsaw, said the “world”: The copyright of this Initiative, wanted to turn “the poles against their neighbors. And of course, you want to strengthen in Poland, the Beliefs that our country was a victim of the Germans.”

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