The school as a barracks of education? | Christian Erhardt


More than a Million children in Germany’s schools than previously projected – the student Boom have overslept many politicians. Once again, it must inform the local authorities. The do not want, must often but says Christian Erhardt .

The state is actually too stupid to count? The question of the colleagues of the “picture on Sunday” (unfortunately) is a clear: YES! There are over 50,000 teachers are missing. Reason: The most recent official student forecasting dates back to the year 2013. It would be pretty easy. The birth rate is rising, a child born today, almost certainly in six years in the school. Birth rates, immigration and a change of school in a computational model entered and there is a current report. But a more reasonable comparison of data. Welcome to the digital information society.
Now the Ball is again at the level of municipalities and districts as the school. There namely parents and students about the loss of teaching time to complain, “the house master as a substitute teacher” and the sometimes desolate construction equipment. 34 billion euros for the municipal investment backlog in the field of education. With appropriate funding, the local authorities could solve the problem – the Federal government and the country but not grant. Teacher countries is set thing. And so, there are already provinces that expose a “bounty” on each of the recruited teachers, others try it with expensive cinema Spots. The nationwide recruiting battle, not just throwing a good picture on educational federalism.

How would the Situation change if the Federal government and the Länder would give up the sovereignty over the schools entirely to the local authorities? With appropriate funding, of course. For each logged-in students, there are (according to Region, school type and the frame data in a staggered manner) in a lump sum for the school. The municipalities, the teachers, are for budget, personnel, and the profile of their schools fully responsible. Uniform education standards also guarantee that all of them are on the same “level of education”. Local municipalities know best which “type of teacher” is required in a particular school. The “newcomers” – and without him it will not go at all – is known, the return of the “retired teacher” – even on him we must know the population and the municipality. The pressure of the local authorities will increase also. As – yet under the old state government in North Rhine-Westphalia – many universities have extended the basic education to the master’s program, decreased, logically, the number of graduates. Such an approach would have – would have led the municipalities in the responsibility – probably to a far greater storm of protest. The cities and municipalities would in the long term, involved in making such decisions is finally much better. No, you would increase the pressure for so long, until such a decision without consulting the local authorities would not even like.

The municipalities would finally be not only the school, but actually for all of the needs of the school responsible for myself – even cooperation with the economy, especially in terms of equipment – would be conceivable. Because the contact person on site is aware of the possible sponsors of the domestic economy, networking with the local office of economic development is possible. All of this with far less bureaucracy, a working time account for teachers, and many other small measures. This would be a lot
to the acceptance and to improve the efficiency of the schools. Many places are looking for teachers of so-called “Soft Skills”. It is the help in the apartment search for a new teacher or help with the care of their children. Everything from a “local Hand”, so to speak.

The biggest advantage, however: The local authorities, your local politicians will be automatically Leistungehttp://I. the schools recognise much more. In Germany’s schools, there are a lot of good projects and flagship initiatives – only you will be hardly shows. This Form of recognition also strengthens the profession of the teacher – more than any bounty or many cinema commercials. The project of the school may be suspended time in the town hall, which is recognition for both the students as well as for the teacher. And thus, in the future, also the best advertisement for the educational policy of the municipality. The fact is: The teacher shortage and quality problems are forcing it to Act. Who, if not the local authorities, can manage it. Assuming the Federation and the Länder can make us and make the necessary money available!