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At 17:30, RTL: us

KayC is sour, as Tobias because of an ill-considered Posts about Bremen condemning. Both fall back into old patterns of behavior and go at each other like fighting cocks. As Paco suggests that both should resolve their tensions through Sex, reject both impulsive. But Pacos seed. Finally, you have slept already once. Independently of each other watch the sex tape of your One-Night Stands. This is not without consequences.

You have missed the beginning of “Everything”? No Problem, here you will find the first 20 episodes

18:00, RTL II: Köln 50667

As Ben suddenly in front of Elli and his love for her, confesses, this is completely out of step and can’t make it to finally your feelings. Janine opened Kevin and Diego that you are looking for a new Vice-President. You want to give the job to the person who completes today the majority of contracts.

19:00, RTL II, Berlin – day & night

David wants to finally come to terms with Lisa and puts her gun to the chest. Leon has a birthday and wants to let Nina do not annoy. His goal is to win the Dance Event.

At 19:05, RTL: Everything counts

Vanessa still doesn’t know that nurse Linda Christophs fling. Of all things, in whose arms she breaks down emotionally. For Michelle it is not running optimally: Bad completion of training, Vincent and Carmen can’t with for the world Cup, and then she learns that Marie is regarded as favorite.

19:40 Uhr, RTL: Good times, bad times

Sunny tried the middle Moment with Chris hide, and focuses entirely on your grudge against Gerner. She is determined to show at KFI continue to face and to represent Chris’ interests there as a representative for him. As Chris noted how much it Sunny charged to work with Felix, he falls to a momentous decision.