Seniors get out of the Bundestag | Robert Brun and Gert


The Ageing of the population will kill us all

Our business location Germany is in danger, there are proportionally more old people. This not only physically, but also mentally. The Bundestag items are among the elderly are therefore highly sought after, because you sit just so and takes a lot of money. However, there are also matched on the political issues in our country. It is decided, however, in the lobby office. The trained caregiver to talk to the seniors well, so that they know how to vote. Our lobbyists, not the voters, but their own money donors from the economy represented in the end.

It might actually be funny

With more and more old people in the country, more and more old people will be elected to the Bundestag. This is not explained by their “carers”, for example, that it is economically, if the people now have a much higher life expectancy and thus in percentage terms, more and more people are old. The pension funds will not participate, according to the forecast. If the entry age is set for the pensions, however, always higher, so that no normal person can carry on working until the official retirement, your pension together. The old people can go after 50 years of work at the office, and increase, as all the young people who get no work. Old people do in the Bundestag, therefore, old people to Sow, as you understand due to your waning spirit, ultimately, nothing more, and that is why German soldiers on the Russian border.

Old people are, as voters and as Elected in the end all of us still early to the grave, at least we don’t have to wipe which is then the butt. You can also see everything positive, the medal has two sides.

Old people in the workplace

For one thing, we need to Work a lot more, since there is not the companies but the workers have to bear the tax burden, the burden of health and pension funds. This is only possible if more people work full-time. If the young can’t find Jobs and the elderly to work longer, they stand in the way. It’s all unproductive-and for the same work again, more people need to be employed. Awesome!

If the Senior on the cement breaks down mixer in the summer sun and from the polishing revived, all the other workers stand by and gawk, again some pointless work produced hours. But also in the office everyday old people, with a touch of Alzheimer’s, and “back Then everything was better” for a lot of working hours, if you give them for the umpteenth Time, the spreadsheet or the call and fill out declared by the proper form.

With more employees available to each other in the way, certainly mood and the old people don’t sit at home, the boys in the Park.

Senior citizens age limit for the Bundestag?

In no way older people should be denied their right to vote. You should be allowed to live so long in a self-determined and decide how you are capable of it. At the Points at which they decide, however, on the other, would be “we’ve always done it, and that is the way it” is perhaps the wrong strategy. This is exactly what happens, however, many in the age that you no longer have to come in today’s world, sometime with or 40 years ago and is still in the “economic miracle” of life.

However, this can be literally deadly Problem, if older people lose the reference to our reality, but the decision-making power over us.

The are so resistant to advice, that you do not want us to approve, even after all of today’s findings once the hemp. The alleged ban on goals by prohibitions do not reach, everything will be even worse. Especially in the case of the incredible medical Benefits due to hemp but our pensioners should, would you still be open-minded and in his right mind, immediately, at least medically legal. Not as a theoretically possible, but in practical real life to implement what is currently the “Cannabis as medicine” has not yet been completed. Not only now, but already many years ago, this would have happened already, the hemp would probably not have been possible banned in the first place.

If not because of his limited perception in road traffic, at work, or in General, sure, you would then wait for the damage to or already looking ahead to intervene? If you can’t decide in the Bundestag from case to case, as these decisions can be politically Poland, we would have to set a maximum age. Up to this maximum age, not everyone can stand for election, then. There are also minimum age to have a choice of setting up to harm to the company. Just as we need to in this and also in other countries very strongly, a maximum age for top politicians. We could call almost: seniors get out of the Bundestag, so that the mind will again be a majority!