Dear politicians, even ten year old children with a better understanding of Integration as your Pit Gottschalk


Over the weekend I was at the football. No, not anywhere in the League. But in: Sankt Veit am Vogau, in the South of Styria, Austria.

To me best football was offered. 28 teams from eight countries: Croatia, Romania, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Italy and Slovenia as well as Austria and Germany. Oh Yes, all U10: children under ten years of age.

In the morning from around half ten until six in the evening: it Was a pleasure to see the children on the village sports ground between the Catholic Church and friedshofs wall race.

The Religion plays in football, not matter

Prominent clubs had sent their offspring to this tournament including Juventus and Borussia Dortmund, RB Leipzig and Red Bull Salzburg-TSV 1860 München and FC Augsburg, SK Rapid Wien and Admira Wacker and SK Sturm Graz.

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Among the children of Christians and Muslims, daredevil, and very Quiet, which is cut with a Mohawk and played with side parting – everything is so little of a role as the skin color. The Kids only wanted one thing: to play football and win games.

I thought: so This is Europe. As diverse. So young. So optimistic.

It is only a few years ago, a cross-border comparison would have been impossible. But now the children are not held with the hands and feet, if the language was enough. Almost always unfortunate two fights with a Handshake have been completed.

Inside the AfD – The Community for critics of the right-wing populists

Sometimes a Smile is enough. As a matter of course, the organizer had organized the children from abroad stay with host parents. The BVB was the best German team. But it remained irrelevant, as the Hajduk Split got the winner’s trophy and all the participants of the applause of the audience certainly was. This is my Europe, I thought.

With each TV appearance, the Afd Europe and Germany itself splits

Why this is important: During the tournament, appeared in the WORLD on Sunday, what to have written the AfD candidate ryegrass over Romania. If one assumes the authenticity of this Email, is it a bad.

For one, I thought of my Romanian colleagues, as you have such a hatred to arrive. On the other, I looked over to the children of CFR CLUJ from Romania and twitched in short: Whether Mr Gauland want to also dispose of these children prefer “” as in the case of the SPD politician Aydan Özoguz said? Mr Gauland is an Idiot.

The AfD wants to make the achievement of a European policy is broken, the limits to overcome. The AfD sends hate: Where each “I, I, I” means, screams and Germany, there is no “We, We, We”. With almost every TV appearance and every Statement in the election campaign in Germany is split in the AfD first of all, from the Rest of Europe, and not least our country itself.

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On the football field, you can feel, what European Integration means

The children in Sankt Veit, want to play together and not against each other rushing. Nationalist, no-one thinks that here. On the football field, what European Integration means felt was, at best, a competition in friendship. The opponent comes from Romania? Well, let’s see who kicks better. Then, The Hand on top of the center circle.

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Sometimes you wished Mrs Merkel and other top politicians would not sit in the DFB Team (The team) to the gallery, but to come to small clubs like Sankt Veit am Vogau. You could see where a policy does Good, and talk about it.

You can better preachers of his difference to the many hateful, radical Right-wing and Nervtötern in the AfD is difficult to show. In the a team, for example, a Boy was the leader: I have Rarely seen a child at this age, taking care of caring to his teammates and the New in the squad.

The skin color I will not mention – because the plays no role at all. But I would later like to be a neighbor.

There will be a reader on Facebook, who think and write: Gottschalk, stay in the Sport of politics got no idea. I tell them: Sankt Veit had more to do with politics than you think.


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