Darren Aronofsky raves about Jennifer Lawrence


Whether Darren Aronofsky (48, “The Wrestler”) adulation about Jennifer Lawrence (27) has something to do with it, that she is the main actress in his new Film, “mother!”… and his girlfriend? In an Interview with the US-side of “Entertainment Tonight” in any case, the film-maker no longer came out from the flocks and showered his better half with praise: “I don’t know what made them so great – maybe it was their parents or the water from Kentucky,” jokes the 48-Year-old. However, one thing is clear for him: Lawrence is a talent for a century.

“She is a unique Talent of her Generation, a whirlwind, a hurricane, an earthquake and a lightning storm of Talent”, brings Aronofsky every force of Nature for comparison. A enthusiasm based on reciprocity. Also Lawrence expressed completely in love about your friend, and attested him to be absolutely brilliant. Also, you said: “I was previously in a relationship where I was completely confused. For him, it’s me.”

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