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Dear Friends,

now joined Christian Lindner also in the unfortunate line of Gaulands and Höckes & co. incorporated. Or he wants to overtake you on the right?

“There is no human rights, its location in the world to choose,” said the studied philosopher and a reserve officer, and for the IMAGE to celebrate.

Mr Lindner, you would have said the same in Nazi Germany, to the millions of Jews who wanted to escape the Terror?

Have you studied philosophy? Then you have read but sure is Hannah Arendt?

“(…) It is as if a global, continuously interwoven civilizing world barbarians produced out of himself by knocking in an internal decomposition process, uncounted millions of people in the circumstances of life, the essential are the same as the wild tribes, or outside of all civilization, living barbarians,” she writes in “the origins of totalitarianism”.

“If you do not meet our criteria, you have to go”

The FDP wants to simplify the refugees and the labour market and to training or allow. Sounds first times not bad.

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But you said literally, Mr Lindner: “If you do not meet our criteria, you have to go.” You do not consider who, in your opinion, is worthy of life in Germany: The Poorest of the poor:

People who are unable to work, so working (physically or mentally Sick, Old, children), people who are unemployed, people who are not able to feed off of your income, your family and people who spoke a certain level – only the German language. – do not reach. (Since you would have to deport a number of German…)

What human rights are? To give only the rights you are people like willing to you?

Inside the AfD – The Community for critics of the right-wing populists

We must stop to discuss human rights

Or not should be the rights of all people – want to be no matter whether they are spoiled little guys, the every political career or the poor, the starving and persecuted people for children?

Because that must be the lesson of Nazism and the Holocaust: that we no longer discuss whether a Person has the right to have rights (given to A human right, according to Arendt), or not.

To protect if we are to our fellow men, the basal rights, the responsibility of the state from which these people flee, then WE produce Savageries. Because of the state from which they flee, wants to, or can’t protect you.

Therefore, they are needy and protection.

Everyone has a right to helpfulness

Every man, Mr. Lindner has the right to Dignity and a willingness to help. And Yes: why is that, please people that can’t live in a time like the Maggot in the bacon, not the right of people take out to want to be worthy of life?

They have your prosperity and the location in Germany that you defend so vehemently against all, which is not so good – you deserve that?

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Or maybe it was just luck to be in one of our weapons destroyed in war zones grow up?

As far as this AfD-ass-kissing is supposed to go? What you are ready to do everything to get to a safe place in Parliament?

Here, this man shows – they – or rather inhuman, neo-liberal chauvinism again his teeth: billionaires are always in the right, to their location to pick!

She is particularly fond of looking for purely wicked reasons, places where you do not have to pay taxes. And do not advertise your party to be rich and well-educated immigrants?

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I call it an attitude, Mr. humanity

Only the poor, the Persecuted and the hunted, those who are excluded from their elite circle, basically – we say only, because you should say it honestly: the “sub-humans” – there is no right to be human.

I call such an attitude bluntly Mr humanity!

P. S.: Since you won’t believe me anyway, I would like to quote the great Hannah Arendt, the missing to all of us in these times:

“The fact that there is such a thing as a right to have rights – and this is tantamount to living in a relationship system, where you will be evaluated on the basis of actions and opinions -we only know that since then, millions have emerged from people who have lost this right and according to the new global Organisation of the world are unable to win it again.”

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