A Golfer wants to comfortably beat his Ball – but behind him lurks the Inferno

  • On Twitter a photo of golfers playing in the vicinity of a Forest fire, for discussions
  • Many are sure: The photo must be a Fake
  • The whole story you see in the Video above

If it runs good, then you should not bring calm. The must have thought the three men from the U.S. state of Oregon.

They played at the beginning of September Golf and had to be talked out of, as behind them a huge fire broke out. Quite to the contrary. The TV producer David Simon published a picture of the “hot” round of Golf on Twitter.

Fake or real?

There it was shared more than 115,000 and almost 228.000 Time liked each other. However, many Users are For sure: the image is a Fake. The reason is that No human being would play close to a forest fire, Golf.

“The people who play Golf, can’t be that stupid and the fire is not the way to go. It must be gephotoshoppt,” writes a user. “This must be a Fake.” and “Clear Photoshop” for more comments.

A newspaper spoke with the photographer

However, as the newspaper “The Oregonian” reported, the image is real.

The newspaper was able to make the originator of the image. “The photo is real. The Golf course was around the corner and from there you could see the fire,” said Kristi McClue the newspaper.

And also with one of the pictured Golfer, the newspaper has spoken. What are the to the photo to tell, you see in the Video above.

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