Strange! As notebooks influence in the online age, our Actions | Dr. Alexandra Hildebrandt


The world in order

As a blogger, I would like to find out what is worth our time and our world. What is stored in the network, I can in the head.

All Blog texts have something of a Product that is not effective either immediately, later or sometimes not at all. Particularly surprising, however, is, if it works there, where you never could have guessed. And finally, most of it comes back enriched with a new “substance”, from the new content.

Regular blogging is equivalent to the desire to bring the life and the world, literally, in order. In the past, has tried to the mankind with all sorts of lists, where tasks and thoughts and have been processed.

Even in the online age, the old thoughts of enjoy and support is always very popular.

“To the beautiful notebooks I can not get past – I even have a small collection at home. Some may find it in times of phone and Tablet strange, but I always carry a small note book and pen with me to make notes or to jot down things that I’m not allowed to forget or wants to be,” says Claudia silver, head of corporate communications at Eco-Shipper memo AG.

Hand-lette ring, poetry and sensual Design are booming today. “… I enjoy order and everything Sensual. Poetry, Calligraphy, custom-made and the donations in addition to professional design activity to me … in this fast-paced world, the necessary rest,” reads the Website of Jeannette Mokosh.

The order of things is also appreciated in the blogger scene very much – especially the importance of notebooks.

Notes on the net

Christian Mähler started the blog in 2009, with his note-book, because I found no German-speaking Fan-Blog on the topic of notebooks. He works in software development, where a note-book witnesses also to his most important “organization of work”.

The American Blogger Shaun Usher has been collecting years of beautiful, sad and quirky notes, and published them on its Website Lists of Note.

2015 Heyne Verlag published his “Lists of Note”. For example, Johnny cash’s plan of the day (“June kisses”, “cough”), da Vinci’s projects, the Fake books of Charles Dickens or Galileo’s shopping list (“German lenses, polished”).

The readers “learn” how and why people create listings, what moves you and what priorities you set.

This type of learning has nothing to do with “Cramming”, that is sufficient for the acquisition of Can. The Blog relies on reflected experience in the Form of Practice (disciplined practice) that it takes real skill and Niels Pfläging and Silke Hermann, in her book “complexity of the testis” has been described.

In a constantly changing world, can secure the Knowledge (“sense”) alone, no future. That’s why it takes skill (“experienced people with ideas”) and Can do (“Know”).

Individual is the only meaningful way to solve problems in a complex environment is for Niels Pfläging.

What has that to do with note books to

The Student, Paul Valéry is 23 years old, as he begins to put up daily in the early hours of the morning at the Desk and in school notebooks to record his thoughts. More than fifty years.

The “Cahiers” are brought Forth, the Gymnastics of thought, the acts and Exercises (!) of the spirit, thanks.

Therein Valérys philosophy, which focuses on the ability of the people and the issues associated with founds: What a man can? And: How to “go”?

“I do, act, change – that is the meaning of ability – and the aspect of the action.”

Real Knowledge is for him: “You’re nothing to me, if you don’t teach me how to do something.”

Be philosophical-literary goal was to show the different orders, the challenge each other and promote and the complexity of the human mind. An enormous amount of patience of work, executed by a restlessness of spirit. Only record what has taught him something, it should be always.

Valérys work as a writer was to put the fragments of, and notes about the things of life, literally. His life was complete for him never reached him, as a Fragment, sample, design, accept and think of the future.

All the great spirits, the Unfinished, and this is reflected in the constant change.

What you will find on the road, put it in your notebooks. The publicist Roger Willemsen wrote in his notebook what he considered to be the most volatile:

“An idea, an observation, a metaphor that is part of a set, I aufschnappe from the neighboring table.

There is a lot of, I think, that you can’t free himself from the Spontaneous memory, but that it needs to collect. In this respect I’m also documentarist. I write in my Notebooks very much, what I need, then never.”

Wildly, he read the records, note books, loved diaries and las in Paul Valérys folders.

“Analog Cloud” and modern nomadism

Also Karl Lagerfeld surrounds himself with paper, pens, and music, to draw and to reflect, to write, his brain “through blow and letters”. Everything he ever succeeded, he saw in his sleep. Therefore, a character block is next to his bed.

The international marketing expert Tim Leberecht joins with notebooks in the modern nomadism is also an emotional anchor, while at the same time a manageable means of curiosity, “the discoveries and explorations”.

The hand-crafted Moleskine notebooks are a democratic vehicle of self-expression and at the same time, hand-crafted objects serve as concrete, simple vessels of our complex life. But it is also a narrative compass: “the full context (in each book a slip of paper, calls Moleskines history) and yet completely open for something New.”

Maria Sebregondi is called the “analog Cloud”. The Italian sailed in 1995 with friends in front of the Tunisian coast. A dreams of business success and you asked for an idea.

On Deck, las Maria Bruce Chatwins “dream paths”, and remained always at the same point, he complains that his Notebooks are missing. He bought them in Paris in the Rue de l’ancienne Comédie, but then the sole supplier of Tours died.

His stories are fantastic, she thought, because you sound like Wanderlust and longing. You wanted to make a story of it, looked at the old sketch books of famous painters, as well as photos in which Ernest Hemingway’s notebooks were shown. All of them looked very similar: small and black.

In 1997, the company was founded in Moleskine, since April 2013, also on the Milan stock exchange.

The notebook is marketed since then as “a thing-like Reservoir of the artful and Playful,” writes Tim Leberecht in his best-selling book “the Business romantic”.

A brilliant marketing idea for a simple (and overpriced notebook), which is produced in China, “because it’s cheaper”.

Photo: Dr. Alexandra Hildebrandt

What you have sustained note recognizes books

When it comes to a notebook, the Moleskine variants today, for many people, Standard. But there are sustainable Alternatives with corresponding quality characteristics. These include:

• the type of the binding
• the inner life
• Cover/Cover Materials
• Finishes
• Closure-rubber band with high elasticity and stretch ability
• Ribbon bookmark
• Frog bag.

Brand books are produced 100% in Germany. For each order, automatically, two trees will be donated for bergwaldprojekt e. V. Notebooks that do Good, and beautiful to look at, to be found on the Website, notes to herself.

Sustainable also in different sizes and colors but the memo is a sketch and note book, “lines” (including a pencil with Radiertip). This is used to 100% recycled paper. It was like the notebook, “Green tree” with the Blue angel eco-label awarded.

The cover of the notebook, “Think Book” with elastic band and ribbon bookmark is made of recycled leather. The production of TCF-bleached virgin fibre paper is made in Germany.

Notebooks make a complex topic like sustainability in a tangible and personal, because it is perceived through the senses and processed. This is the prerequisite for beautiful a clear mind, without which there is no presence-related mindfulness.