Total Recall


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If you’ve been following the news, looking at advertisements, shopping in toy stores, or talking to other parents, then you are probably aware of the high number of product recalls occurring recently. Products such as toys or children’s clothing are usually recalled when the items do not meet the safety standards required by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. This week I’d like to share some information with you to help you determine if the children’s products you are purchasing are safe for your children.

The majority of items I’ve seen recently have been recalled due to excessive levels of lead found in the paint used in making the product. While I have not noticed any one store carrying more recalled products than other stores, I have noticed that the majority of recalled products are being manufactured in China. We import a lot of products from China, so this is not surprising. This does not mean that all products coming out of China are dangerous, but the lead paint standard in toys does seem to be an issue we are dealing with quite frequently right now. If you are concerned about lead paints in toys you currently own, you can invest in a household lead paint test kit or you can visit the Consumer Product Safety Commission website at There will be a link in the transcript.

The CPSC website is a great place to go when you want to find information about recalls and safety standards. The website also offers a feature that allows you to sign up for e-mail notifications when your chosen product-types are recalled. You can sign up to be notified about children’s toys, clothes, kitchen appliances, outdoor products, and other various items. You can also see items that have been recently recalled and the reason for the recall. Lead paint is not the only cause for a product to be removed from a store shelf. Toys that have been recalled due to choking hazard will be listed. If children’s sleepwear is not flame retardant it will be listed there as well.