Rock Stars Love to Iron, Too!


I’ve always said that I come up with my best ideas when I’m cleaning a house for a Moxie Girl client. I have a routine when I’m doing the maid service, and my brain goes on auto-pilot for those few hours. I’ve solved personal problems, professional problems, and given a big enough house, I could probably figure out how to make world peace happen if I really tried. That’s how clear my head is when my body follows a routine and my mind can wander.

Turns out, I’m not the only one who thinks like that. Ian Gillian, lead singer of the iconic 1970s rock band Deep Purple (you know their song, “Smoke on the Water”) just proclaimed to the world that he loves ironing. In an interview with WENN, Gillian said:

"I like to do no-brainer tasks, and ironing is one of them. I do ironing not only for myself but for everyone at home, everyone in the studio if they want it and if I run out of ironing, I put everything back in the washing machine and get it out again clean, so I have some ironing to do. I also like sweeping the yard, basically doing chores and I let my mind wander. I like walking and hiking and many of the ideas for songs have germinated from this.” 

I love this quote, and would personally like to thank Mr. Gillian for his public support of doing household chores and giving us another great reason to learn how to iron!

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