How to Deal With a Groomonster?



Last week’s episode, How to Deal With a Bridezilla? resulted in many emails sent my way containing horror stories from bridesmaids and friends who were scorched by the wrath of the bridezilla. But the bridezilla does not always work alone. Sometimes she has a male counterpart, known as the groomonster. And as promised, I’m here to shed light on this rare species of man who can ruin that special day with his unmannerly ways. .

For those who have never met a groomonster before, hold onto your hats, because I’m about to drop some knowledge that may shock you. Did you think all men were laid back slugs who couldn’t care less about what they wear, let alone if you serve buttered roses or butter squares at their wedding? Not true!

In fact, some men take their wedding day very seriously and display the same crazy qualities as their bridezilla counterparts. That’s why you may find yourself having to put up with their obnoxiousness when asked to be part of their big day.  So before you decide to partake in the planning of your bud’s big day, check out my top 3 Quick and Dirty Tips for how to properly handle a groomonster.

Tip #1: The Warning

There is a little something that us guys call the “Bro Code” which is a bond of promises and loyalty. In short, the Bro Code can be summed up as, “Don’t disrespect your fellow man in any way and always be there for them when they need you.” 

This code works like a tree, consisting of long branches covering an array of topics such as relationships, friendships, money, and others. Due to this code, men are allowed to be brutally honest with one another and not hold grudges after the fact. So if a guy is being a jerk, the Bro Code allows us to be upfront with them right out of the gate. When it comes to weddings, it’s pretty easy to tell which friend will be a handful. 

We all have that one friend who is always more stressed or high strung than the rest of us.  The one that’s wound so tight, it would take a dozen masseuses to iron out the tension in his neck. So when this friend asks you to be a part of his wedding, expect a groomonster to creep its way out. 

Recognizing this ahead of time – and nipping it in the bud – will save you a boat load of trouble down the line. Simply put it out there, “Dude, we know this will be stressful, so just don’t take it out on us, okay? We’re only here to help.” He may give you an eye roll that says, “Come on…me?” and you should give it right back, “Yes…you!”  Deep down the potential groomonster knows that he can be a tough character, but it may take some open conversation to remind and warn him that insanity will not be tolerated. This is the luxury of the Bro Code – it allows for this type of communication with no strings attached, and no grudges, just as long as it’s done properly and early on.